Consumer Directed HealthCare Plan

The livewell program provides you with the tools and resources to help you feel great, boost energy, and have fun! No matter your state of health, livewell can find ways to enhance your life and motivate you to become a healthier you!


livewell program features:

Health Assessment

This is a powerful online tool for learning more about your health. It can determine areas of concern, and identify other livewell programs that make sense for you.

Digital Coaching Programs

Take advantage of interactive, online health and lifestyle programs designed to help you reach your goals at your own pace. Programs include weight loss, stress management, reducing cholesterol, and more.

Quick Health and Pharmacy Guide

With access to more than 6,000 topics related to health care services and medications, Quick Health Guide gives you and your family the ability to find answers to your health concerns quickly and easily, 24 hours a day.

Step-by-Step Tracker

Log your exercise, food intake and receive your daily energy balance. Learn if your daily calorie balance will result in weight loss or gain. You can also track changes in weight, blood pressure, glucose and more.


Browse through hundreds of healthy recipes with a complete nutritional breakdown for each serving. Search by ingredient or category such as breakfast, main dishes, soups, and desserts.

Health Challenges

Make healthy habits long-term and reduce your risk of developing chronic health conditions by participating in health challenges that get you moving in the right direction.


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Consumer Directed healthCare Plan

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